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With proliferation of pornography in printed and visual media, we believe large section of people are 'attached' to pornography. Problem arises when one gets addicted. Addiction is an attraction that compels a person to do what his his/her boby/mind is craving for , notwithstanding the situation around.

How Pornography addiction affect people is evident from two reports in TOI  dtd. 9/2/12. 1st report covers ministers in Karnataka and the 2nd one covers a clerk of  a London court.
The details of the 1st case is here :
It is quite a well  known case to-day - lot of  sound has already been made in TV and newspaper  during last 48hours. It is the 2nd one that attracted my notice - Majumder , the Court clerk  was caught by the Judge himself who was sitting behind him while the court was in session. How addicted the person must have been that he was viewing  pornography during a rape trial !

The link and the details are here :
Indian caught watching porn during rape trial in UK

London: An Indian-origin court clerk, who was caught watching pornography right under the nose of a judge during a rape trial, has said he did so “because he was bored’’.
    Debasish Majumder, 54, accessed obscene images of topless women being gagged and couples engaged in sexual acts while the victim gave her harrowing evidence at Inner London Crown Court, the court was told.
The judge, who was sitting behind him, caught him. Majumder, who had worked at Inner London Crown Court, later admitted routinely watching porn during the trials.
    “Majumder was working as a court clerk at Inner London and his conduct was an abuse of his position. It was quite clear that he viewed porn sites on his court computer whilst the court was engaged in the conduct of a trial on an allegation of rape,” prosecutor, Annabel Darlow, said.
    A police probe into the incident found pornography searches in the history of Majumder’s work computer and
child and extreme pornography images on his home computer. ANI

 This report reminded me of a friend of mine in a class-room, very likely of Electrical Technology , at IIT, Kharagpur during 1960s. Well, internet did  not exist even in our  dreams , but, hardcore pornography did. My friend was reading  a book - what was known as 'pondi' in IITian's terminology - while our Professor was trying to make us understand difficult  curves and formula..... I do not recollect much, but do remember the 'boy's' name. It may not be proper for me to mention his name here - but, I know he has become a 'professional' priest in a far-away country !

LOL !!

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