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Supriyo came to Calcutta during the 3rd week of January,07. He wrote to me earlier.Many other friends from IIT, Kharagpur knew of his availability, but, catching him and meeting him in a group was not easy. Dates, the group composition and venues changed. Finally, we had a very enjoyable get-together... a dinner party.... at his place on 3rd February,07.

Sitting : From L2R, Shyamal,Suman,Swapan.
Standing : From L2R,Supriyo and Tapan.

Indrajit Bhownmick and his wife, Subhadra were in Calcutta during this time too.An opportunity to contact eluded me.

Let me come back to the get-together at Supriyo's place.Masima arranged for a wonderful dinner. We met Suman Dasgupta and Chitralekha , Swapan Roy and his wife , Diptendu Chakrabarty, Supriyo's neighbour in Calcutta and Canada and Raja Sen, a noticeably quiet cousin of Supriyo.

Diptendu was a very interesting person to meet..... his description of the 'rituals' following the death of a typical Indian person in Canada ..... well !! I shall remember this anecdote for long.

When I was at Burnpur last month, Tapan Hazra told me that if the get-together with Supriyo could be held on 2nd/3rd February,07, he and Neepa would join us in Calcutta , if we manage a date around 2nd/3rd Feb. Supriyo and Tapan met after 38 years , first time after leaving Kgp...... likewise , Swapan and I met after a equally long time.

The evening ended close to mid-night. I carried my lap-top where I created a show of photographs I collected over the years ... starting with those I took during the marriage party of the elder daughter of Indrajit Bhowmick and the ones I received from Swapan Hazra when he visited Kgp couple of year ago during an alumni meet !

Sitting: L to R :Neepa,Ruby,Chittralekha and Mrs Roy. Standing : L to R :Supriyo,Suman,
Tapan,Shyamal and Swapan.

Masima enjoyed this intrusion to her normally quiet house . She personally supervised the preparation of a very well laid-out and sumptuous dinner.We learnt that there were a series of get-togethers at her place as Supriyo invited many friends ,their wives and relatives at their residence. And , she was enjoying every moment of it !! :-)) Her team did not show the strain and deserve a special mention!!

This photo of Masima was taken when the excesses were being removed.


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Is this the same Supee Sen, class of '66 , IIT KGP, son of Prof B.R. Sen, brother of Ratula Sen ?
If so, please pass my email address (
This is his old Buddy RK ('66, ECE)
Thanks much!


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