Saturday, February 03, 2007

After quite a few weeks of absence...

Since I visited Biman's (Biman Sarkar) house at Salt Lake in Sept.,'06 , collected a no of copies of Alankar ( of which he was an editor) and his recent photo, I have not done enough for keeping this site fed with regular postings.The copies of Alankar deserve better deal !!


October,06 to January,07 ....... the months of absence had untimely rains and floods, a very wet DurgaPuja, a rather noisy Deepavali , preparation for retirement on 31/12/06, a busy Dec-Jan family situation and two outings.

December-January in Calcutta are the months for heightened social activities..... marriages, painting and photographic exhibitions, visits of relatives and friends from abroad and the ensuing get-togethers. I had Dr Sri and his family at our place,missed at least two dinner parties, attended the marriage of Amitava Lahiri's younger daughter ,visited Tapan at Burnpur and would meet Supriyo tomorrow at his Calcutta residence.

There will be more photographs in this page for our friends to enjoy!!

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