Friday, September 29, 2006


This poem has a history.

On 20/9/06, Satyen sent this poem in roman script to my e-mail address as a contribution to this blog-site.It was written months ago. Probably years. I requested Satyen for a translation and a scanned copy of the transcript written in bengali, in his handwriting. The second did not happen ....the translationis here. The scanned copy of the poem, in Bengali script , I am afraid, is to be done by me.Here is the old text :

Ramapada-r shawngey gonta-gunti-te kichu kobita beroy. Nimnokto-ti shei rawkom. Likhey mowney holo eta pothitobyo, tai pathalam. "Ekbar nakshatra-r paney cheye, ekbar bedona-r paney" chhaya podechhey, shawmvaboto idaning kar mrityu-r jonno. P&S. Satyen.

Char-ti dawshok agey jey shawb balok-e /
Asposhsto swapno hatey hentechhilo Hijlee-r pathey /
Jeebon sayahney eshey bishonno alokey /
Mookh dyakhey paraspar, hat rakhey hatey /
Swapner awlpoi ar aboshishto achhey /
Mayabee alok tobu dekey nyay kachhey /
Abortito jeebon-er klanti, rawkto, swed /
Moochhey feley uthey ashey ashchorjo nirbed /
Kromo.bawrdhoman brittey amader lekha /
Ateet smritee te moda bhobitawbyo.rekha /
Amogh awnter agey ki gopon tan-e /
Tuley dharey sthir.chitro amader praney //

Now , we have the Engish translation of this poem , taken out of the old mail . The issue of ownership of the contents old letters stimulated a lot of exchanges between friends. A part of that also can be retained in this blog site.


All those young adolescent boys
Who, under four decade old skies
Filled Hijlee streets with noise
With nebulous dreams in their eyes
Are gathered now in this twilight
Of life's autumnal haze, a soft hue.
Seeking familiar faces in their sight,
Yearning again for a friendship true.
Those old dreams, alas, have faded away
But lingering memories hold their sway.
Amid evolving patterns of our lives ~
Grown up children and aging wives,
‘Staying Connected’ is a marvellous boon.
Old age blues cleared by our ‘High Noon’.
Before the curtain falls and we bid adieu
Let old friendships be rekindled anew.

23rd September, 2006


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