Saturday, July 08, 2006


I tried to do a bhabanubad :

A few very young men used to chat in the five-point crossing of Shyambazar
They used to lean against the railings of footpath , share a cigarette
Sometimes discovered empty pockets after entering the Coffee shop,again returned to the streets,
What was the attraction? Only poetry? Apart from poetry , the vibrant flow of life
A few very young men used to chat in the five-point crossing of Shyambazar.

TIME* was there ………unseen ,he used to follow everything standing besides them
Often he used to laugh, future used to play in his fingers………………

Get-together of those youths in the five-point crossing stopped , perhaps no one noticed.
All those orinthopters got lost as if in dirt roads under the scorching sun
No one bade farewell explicitly, but it was a parting ,as if an incorrect rhyme
Who knows who reached where ,or did not reach ,a lot of arguments on this issue too
The piece of paper written by TIME floats in the air even to-day
Often the dreams of those youths touch the skin of TIME
What is visible can be false, never the dreams ..

* What will be the proper synonym of KALPURUSH ? I asked baba, Mrs Chakrabarty, Satyen and Mrs Banerjee. I looked up for ‘God of Time’ in internet.
I found ZURVAN , an Asyrian god.
Mrs C suggested KALAKAR, a character from Iliad ,who could foresee future .I looked up internet but could not find any reference.
Mrs B suggested SERAPH from Greek mythology.I have to check up.

Satyen did not reply..
The best I got , again from internet , ....CHRONOS. Greek god of TIME. The images do not match KALPURUSH though.


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