Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well , Satyen again. He circulated a big article on Annapurna Devi on 1st Sunday of Sept,'06.

The serious guys have read it and advised me publish the following :

Ha, ha. great. You have succeeded well in confusing everybody. How about a little more on Brahmanbaria links?
In the process, however, we should not forget Shyamal's BLOG requirements.
Till the confusion gets cleared, Sri's statement can appear there - say, on a provisional basis at least. Clarifications/amendments can always get added later. Sri may consider.

On Fri, 08 Sep 2006 wrote :
Awjana toththo nischoi bitawron kawra ucheet.
But I'm a bit confused. Baba had been a court musician at Maihar for ages.As such Annapoorna Devi should rightly be claimed by Maihar, having been brought up there. Her being from Uttorpara is somewhat like our feeling good if Nora Jones succeeds since she was fathered by Ravi Shankar.
Also the dates are conflicting. Baba had started the Maihar Band ( with orphaned children ) at the request of the Rajah in 1918. Which means he was well entrenched in Maihar by that time. Annapoorna Devi ( actually christened Roshan Ara ) was born in 1926 and married in 1940 and had a son born in 1942.How Uttorpara can claim her is a mystery to me. Baba being an original resident of Brahmanbaria ( now in Bangladesh),I would feel that Brahmanbaria would have a more legitimate claim. Unless Baba's wife was from Uttorpara ( I've no dope on this eloquently named Madanmanjari Devi ). But then don't we remember Annapoorna Devi as her father's daughter rather than her mother's ?

On Mon, 04 Sep 2006 Sri Bandyopadhyay wrote :
Perhaps one thing Satyendu - others may not know,Annapurna Devi, I was told some 20 years ago, that she comes from my hometown i.e. Uttarpara [ opposite Dakhineshwar].


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