Friday, February 02, 2007


Tapan was my neighbour at RK Hall during 3rd and 4th year. We have remained in touch with each other through our service life.He never left Asansol/Burnpur as he spent his entire professional life at IISCO till he retired from this Organisaton last month.

An invitation to spend a day or two at his sprawling bungalow before he would move out to his own accommodation was a tempting offer.When my elder son visited us this Dec/Jan during his vacation , we drove down to his place with my family including our lab.

We spent two nights at his place. During the day in between we went to Panchkot at Purulia.... nearby places with small hills , dirt roads , lots of tal trees, temples and historical ruins. Had a nice picnic under the shade of a giant tree.

The three pictures in this blog show a group photo of ours (from L to R ..... tapan's wife Neepa,me,Tapan and Ruby, my wife) ,our picnic at Panchkot where Babai , my elder son and Pajo, Tapan's younger son were present and the sunrise through the trees of tapan's bungalow.

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